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need help

2014-01-28 20:04:46 by chazammer


I need help figuring out how 2 set my age, gender, and location

so please either

  1. message me on my profile
  2. commant on this post



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2014-01-28 21:15:30

Usually the best way to get help on this site when you have a problem is to click on "Community" at the top of this page and then click on "Forums" to search for a topic relating to your issue or to start your own topic asking for help.

But since I saw your post down at the bottom of the screen, I'll help you out: First, make sure you are signed in on NewGrounds. Then click on your user icon that says "chazammar" at the top of the screen. Then there should be a space on the left side of the screen below your user icon for you to display your info. You should be able to move the mouse cursor over that area and the words "[edit info]" should pop up. Click on that and a page will open up for you to enter your info. But remember, this is the internet and there are a lot of crazy people out there, so be careful about making your personal information available to everyone, just a suggestion. Welcome to NewGrounds! :)

chazammer responds: